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Highest Quality Data

“Takainvest has the highest quality fundamental and technical data.” - Mehedi Niloy, Fund Manager

News & Research

Get high quality curated news, announcements, videos and research reports in one place, all for free.


Event Calendar

Monitor upcoming event relating to stocks, exchanges and macro level. Receive alerts before the event occurance. Timely event alert can help you reduce your portfolio risk significantly.

Technical Charting

Find the best stock price volume data history along with industry and macro variables in one chart, only in Takainvest app. Draw, Analyze, Save and share to maximize your charting output.


Stock Screener

Use your desired fundamental and technical filtering criterion to find the stock that fullfills your needs.

We’re empowering a new generation of investors and breaking down financial and educational barriers to investing.

Market Alerts

Set alerts on news, announcements, events, and prices. Get alerts on rapid volatility of the stocks in your watchlist.



Easily track a group of stocks. Make virtual portfolios to track your gain losses realtime with market price changes.

Fundamental Data

We spend thousands of hours collecting and cleaning data of all listed stocks, so that you dont have to. With the fundamental data available in the app, you can decide if the stock has true potential or not.